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Jim (5/31/08)

New folks to introduce!

Up in the top right running the control board is Cortland, creator of . . . well, Cortland. He's a graphic's designer guy, so I figured he'd be good for the job. I think he may have shown up in the original Revolution as a background cameo or something . . . but even if he didn't, I don't think we should hold that against him.

Bottom middle panel, we've got Warren of Spare Change, and purportedly the second oldest 'spac- er, 'genner. Trying to fix the TV is good ol' Uncle Ghastly of Ghastly's Ghastly Comic (WARNING: EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK!) They, too, did not appear in the original Revolution, but they're G4G's version of V4V's senior citizens.

Finally, in the last panel (and mentioned before that) is Mr. Bob, who needs to get his butt back to working on Star Bored, dangit! Now, he did show up in the original Revolution, pretty prominently, in fact. He was the Minister of Staffing at the time, the position that Lady BEC now holds. How did this switchout happen and what's he doing with his time now? Well, y'all will just have to wait and see! But back in the day, his primary job was, apparently, to dance and sing like a choreographing fool with his many hot and foxy secretaries while occasionally operating the cloning machine.

Which sounds like a pretty sweet gig. I need to find me a job like that.

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