Very little is currently known about this mysterious character. He (or she, or it) runs around Keenspace City wearing a Jim mask, a wig, and fully concealing clothing to hide their true identity. Whoever he (or she, or it) is, he definitely has no love for McDuffies or the Empire, and in fact seems to be attempting to start a new Revolution.

CG Analog: Appearance-wise, Jim North. Under the mask, Unknown.
V for Vendetta Analog: V


Once a prominent member of the Rebellion, this young lady now strives to keep her head down and make it day to day without drawing the attention of the Empire's goons. G came to her rescue one fateful night and has taken her under his wing.

CG Analog: CJ Burgandy of Burgundy Comics, Inc.
V for Vendetta Analog: Evey Hammond

Baron von McDuffies Baron von McDuffies

The vilest of the vile and the lowest of the low. The Baron is the head of the evil Empire that crushes the will out of Keenspace City on a daily (and nightly) basis. He's the bad guy, folks. Don't you forget it.

CG Analog: McDuffies of . . . yeesh, there's a lot of 'em. They should all be on his wiki user page.
V for Vendetta Analog: Chancellor Adam Sutler

Judge War Judge War

Tireless, ruthless, and merciless, War stands as the Empire's Minister of Military, leader of all the armed forces (from army to police) in Keenspace City. While the Baron simply makes policy, War and his mass of Judges are the ones who actually enforce those policies by word or by sword. Or, preferably, by massive guns and bazookas. Though War's popularity with the Baron and the rest of the council had been flagging before the original Revolution, he once again rose to the top of the heap after crushing the Rebellion once and for all. And he most certainly intends to keep it that way . . .

CG Analog: War of Peacekeepers
V for Vendetta Analog: Peter Creedy / Eric Finch

Joel Fagin Joel Fagin

Once a simple anchorman for an Empire-run news show, Joel has since risen through the ranks to replace his former boss RPin as Minister of Propaganda on the Baron's ruling council. His well-spoken nature and penchant for word games made him ideal for this position, and he excels at it. Unflappable under pressure, always the erudite gentleman, and ever with a smile plastered across his face, he guides the propaganda department with a steady glove, a smooth touch, and a clever pun. Or two. Thousand.

CG Analog: Joel Fagin of Between Worlds
V for Vendetta Analog: Roger Dascombe

Keffria Keffria

Though last seen during the Revolution as being under attack by Rebels and trying to wrestle with her own malfunctioning cybernetic arm, Keffria is still plugging away as the Baron's Minister of Intelligence, collecting every possible scrap of information and rumor floating around Keenspace City. Using her extensive network of spies and intelligence-gathering devices, she keeps tabs on everyone everywhere, keeping the Baron up to date on every single little thing.

CG Analog: Keffria of The Curious Adventures of Aldus Maycombe
V for Vendetta Analog: Conrad Heyer / Brian Etheridge

BrownEyedCat BrownEyedCat

While life under the Empire was tough, BEC still made a pretty decent living as a door-to-door apple salescatgirl for a while. Unfortunately, she knocked on the wrong door one day by pure chance and ended up as a prisoner of the Baron's evil forces. Soon after - through a series of events as perplexing as they were mystifying - she ended up an Imperial recruit, then ended up getting promotion after promotion and honor after honor through absolutely no fault of her own. This series of odd events continued until the present, where she now sits on von McDuffies' council, having replaced the gregarious Mr. Bob as Minister of Staffing.

CG Analog: BrownEyedCat of Those Destined
V for Vendetta Analog: None

Legostar Galactica Dr. Legostar Galactica

A relative newcomer to the scene, Lego serves as Baron von McDuffies' Minister of Science, a position that was created specifically for him. Despite his high-profile job, however, few people actually know what this exactly entails as the mad scientist tends to keep his business between him and the Baron, and far more often just to himself. To help guard his privacy, Lego has taken on a number of bodyguards over the years, the latest of which is the ex-armed forces mercenary Laemkral. He also employs the services of an demonic assistant known only as Sput.

CG Analog: legostargalactica of Legostar Galactica
V for Vendetta Analog: None

Mercury Hat Judge Mercury Hat

Romantic partner and right-hand foxgirl of Judge War. During the original Revolution, Judge Merc served proudly, spending most of her time hanging out with War, yelling at the troops, and beating up on Rebel scum. At the very height of the fighting, in fact, she engaged CJ herself in hawt babe-to-babe combat which ended abruptly when CJ managed to slip away in the confusion. Nowadays, she continues her duties as a judge in helping War with the G investigation.

CG Analog: Mercury Hat of Breakdown
V for Vendetta Analog: Dominic Stone

Mooman Mooman

Formerly a simple reporter for an Empire-run news show and a man of uncertain loyalties, Mooman now sits as the Voice of the Empire. Where once he seemed to show some Rebel sympathies, he is now a propaganda tool used strictly by the government to keep the Keenspace populace "informed" about what and how they should think. For some as-yet unspecified reason, his upper left head and his right arm have been replaced with metal/cybernetic parts.

CG Analog: Mooman, who doesn't seem to have a website, the slacker.
V for Vendetta Analog: Lewis Prothero

Laemkral Laemkral

Once upon a time, Laem used to be a member of the armed forces. Just which armed forces in particular is unclear as his true origins are shrouded in mystery and he ain't tellin'. After leaving that life behind, however, he took up work as a mercenary gun-for-hire and quickly rose in the ranks to become the best in the business. This caught the eye of one Legostar Galactica, who moved to sign him on semi-permenantly as a bodyguard and general tough guy. Laem takes his job very seriously and over the years has become fanatically dedicated to protecting the not-so-good doctor.

CG Analog: Laemkral of I'm Always Right
V for Vendetta Analog: None

Sput Sput

Little is known about this demon girl except that she is mad scientist Legostar's mad assistant.

CG Analog: sput, who I thought had a site, but I guess not anymore.
V for Vendetta Analog: None

Evil Jamie! Evil Jamie!

During the Revolution, Jamie was president and CEO of his own company, Jamie Enterprises. While he supplied the Rebellion and even eventually set them up with a strong, single leader in the guise of Orion Gates, it was clear that he was merely an opportunist looking to profit from the anguish and suffering of others. This all came to an end, however, when he was beheaded and apparently left for dead by G five months before the destruction of the Unification Memorial. While G had obviously been one of his clients, his exact connection with the masked vigilante has not yet been made entirely clear.

CG Analog: Evil Jamie! of Banished Online
V for Vendetta Analog: None

Carlin / Crossfire Carlin / Crossfire

Once a minor functionary within the Empire's ranks, Crossfire eventually became sick and tired of all the soul crushing going on (especially since his was one of the souls being crushed), so he and his assistant android broke off from their overlords and formed the Rebellion. Though he was one of the founders, he had little problem staying in the background and letting others take the glory while he guided them towards freedom. Occaisionally, however, he'd bust out the body armor and fancy sword for a good old fashioned stomp down. His whereabouts since the end of the Revolution are currently unknown.

CG Analog: Carlin, who no longer has a webcomic, as far as I'm aware.
V for Vendetta Analog: None

F4K-TR1 / Phactorri F4K-TR1 / Phactorri

Originally an assistant droid for a low level functionary of the Empire, Phactorri eventually became sick and tired of all the soul crushing going on (even though the existence of his own soul was debatable), so he and his boss broke off from their overlords and formed the Rebellion. Unlike Crossfire, Phact took an active role in the Rebellion's affairs and was a prominent figure during the Revolution. He was taken out of comission, unfortunately, by a crack shot to the head by Judge War. With his systems starting to shut down one by one, he activated an emergency teleport and escaped to parts unknown. It is thought that an injured droid that later appeared in the Red Cross Center might have been him, but there was never any confirmation. His whereabouts since the end of the Revolution, therefore, are currently unknown.

CG Analog: Phactorri of Decypher
V for Vendetta Analog: None

TheLoserHero TheLoserHero

Formerly a spy for the Empire, Keffria's sidekick, and IVStudios' partner, TLH was eventually given a promotion to Panty Raider for his participation in quelling the Revolution. His unique ability to steal women's undergarments (particularly bras) made him well suited for this new placement, but sadly it was not long to last. During a confrontation with G, TLH had his right "hand" sliced off, causing him to run away yiping. His current whereabouts are unknown.

CG Analog: TheLoserHero of Cwice Destined
V for Vendetta Analog: Lecherous Fingerman #1

IVStudios IVStudios

Formerly a foot soldier for the Empire, Mercury Hat's subordinate, and TheLoserHero's partner, IV was eventually given a promotion to Panty Raider for his participation in quelling the Revolution. While he didn't have any exception skills in the area of panty-raiding, he still approached the job with enthusiasm and proffesionality. This new placement was short-lived, however. During a confrontation with G, IV switched to his alter ego instudios (a massive super-strong female version of himself with braided dreds, one human eye and four insect eyes, sharp pointy teeth, and the ability to talk with a green font) but was quickly exploded and stomped upon. His/her current status is unknown.

CG Analog: IVStudios of IV Studios
V for Vendetta Analog: Lecherous Fingerman #2

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